About Us

Prima D. Studios Hair & Beauty Services provides a full-rounded service catering to womens’ hair and beauty needs. We offer pampering services to the young woman who will eventually enter the work force, to the woman who may transition from a working professional to the working mom. We also embrace the mature woman who wants to live life to its fullest.

Prima D. Studios Hair Salon is a proud member of the Amityville Chamber of Commerce.


Meet the women of  Prima D. Studios:


Ivory Elder:

As an aspiring young business woman, our goal is to make every young lady and woman feel welcomed, relaxed, and satisfied when they visit the salon. The positive energy before, during, and after their beauty service is something we strive for with every woman that enters our salon doors. We promise to provide outstanding customer service at all times by taking the opportunity to understand your beauty needs and make sure they are met.


Nicole Haskins-Ross:

     When the opportunity came along to collaborate with my mother and sister on creating a place a woman can be pampered I was very excited; we have a wonderful staff of ladies with the ability to enhance a woman’s beauty and uplift people. Today’s professional woman is pulled in so many different directions. Being a wife, mother, sister, aunt and someone your family depends on and balancing a career is a very difficult. I know firsthand what it feels like to try to satisfy everyone else’s needs and not have much time for yourself. Our goal is to provide a place where a woman can put her feet up and be catered to, even if it’s just for a short while. Every woman deserves to have this experience!


 Michele Elder:

As a entrepreneur for several years, I’ve lived by the words that you can only change the things that need to be changed. But, understand that some things should remain the same, and have the wisdom to know the difference! My daily practice is to be humble and grateful for my life’s journey, to give everyone the respect they deserve and to continue to serve humanity and be inspired by the extraordinary people I meet along the way.

 Prima D. Studios has given me the opportunity to practice what I believe in and to continue my legacy through the lens of the mature generation. My belief is that everyone should find their inner “Prima Donna” regardless of their age!